Are you feeling stressed, worn down, and discouraged by motherhood?

How to Find the Peace, Calm, and Control that God Wants You to Have

… Even If You Feel Completely Overwhelmed in the Chaos of Life, Work, and Family.

Get Your Copy of The Cyclone Mom Method Today and Discover a Faith-Based Framework to Remain Calm, Connected, and Confident as a Busy Mom

From the Cozy Sofa of Danielle Thienel...

My Very Dear Friend

If you feel overwhelmed and life is getting out of control…

If you can’t remember the last time you truly felt inner peace among all the chaos that is life, work, marriage, and motherhood…

If everything you’ve worked so hard to build, and that you’re trying to hold together, is being pulled apart by the cyclone of life…

… battering the dreams you had for your family, your faith, and even for yourself…

It’s important not to lose sight of this one truth: 

God Gave You the Power to Remain Calm, In Control, and Confident… No Matter What Life Throws Your Way.

While it might feel like life is a storm that’s circling around us, our faith tells us that there is a path forward. There is a plan. 

That plan starts at home and it starts with you….

… rooted in faith and guided by the Holy Spirit. 

I know carrying so much on your shoulders can feel overwhelming…

BUT, God has equipped you to fulfil this role. All you need to do now is find the calm, the inner peace, and the control that he has left for you. 

That’s what I’d like to start helping you find today. 

I’d like to invite you to start discovering the confidence and control that God wants you to have because…

In Jeremiah chapter 29, verse 11, we’re told…

For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.

Jeremiah 29:11

Hi There!

I’m Danielle Thienel. (It’s pronounced tea-null.)

I wrote my latest book, The Cyclone Mom Method, to help you find your God-given power to remain calm, in control, and confident… no matter what life throws your way. 

I'm a wife, mom of three, member of the Catholic faith, and certified life coach. 

I understand the pain you’re in right now, because I lived with the same pain for far too many years. 

It took a sudden health crisis and a supernatural transformation to pull me out of the storm and into the peace God offers…. 

… and today, I’d like to invite you to get a copy of my book and discover love-filled but practical encouragement, from my heart to yours.

At the Center of the Cyclone of Life…We Can Find Calmness, Inner Peace, and Clarity

Inside My Latest Book, You’ll Discover A Faith-Based Method to Achieve Balance, Inner Peace, and Control…

Inside my book, The Cyclone Mom Method, I’d like to share with you a powerful system for achieving balance and inner peace, even amid the most chaotic times of life.

I’ll share with you stories from my own life and the lessons I’ve learned helping countless mothers just like you make sense of the chaos and find the calm center that God left at the heart of the cyclone that life can become. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new mom who is struggling to find your footing or if you’re a parent of teenagers who is looking to take your life and the life of your family to the next level… I know the lessons, guidance, and exercises inside The Cyclone Mom Method can help. 

Inside the Book, You’ll Learn…

  • Why so many of us struggle in motherhood and some simple actions you can take today to relieve the pressure.

  • Secrets of the human brain and how it keeps us stuck. With this new awareness, you can harness the power of neuroscience for your own benefit.

  • The steps to find peace… so you can stay calm and confident, no matter what storms life throws at you. 

  • Professional-level coaching tools to strengthen your mindset. As Proverbs 23:7 says, "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he."

  • Life-changing perspective shifts on critical topics like faith, time, and emotions. Empower yourself to be stronger, every single day.

  • Stories of encouragement from other women’s lives. You’re not alone in your search for peace. Be encouraged by the stories of women who have gone before you. 

  • Important questions to ask yourself on the path to peace. Revisit these questions over time to see your growth… and plan for more.

  • And so much more!

Here’s What Mothers Just Like You Are Saying About the Method Inside of this Book

“...if Mom is happy, everyone else is happy…”

Before I found Danielle, I was exhausted, running on empty. I am a homeschooling mother of 5 and I also coach fitness and run my own business. You can imagine how time was a precious commodity and anytime I took time out for myself, I felt that guilt! 5 months of coaching with Danielle weekly changed my mindset and helped me tremendously! She has shown me just how IMPORTANT SELF CARE is for a MOM! And if Mom is happy, everyone else is happy. I have learned that we have the power to think ANYTHING. It had definitely been life changing and the BEST investment a mom can ever make, not just for herself, but FOR HER FAMILY!! TRUST ME, just do it!! You won't regret it and your family will be blessed by it! 

- Theresa T.

“ the driver’s seat of your thoughts and emotions…”

Danielle will help you break through to new perspectives you can't access on your own. Her teaching framework, personal life experience, and opening your mind to new thoughts and meanings is incredibly helpful. If you want to see clearly, make decisions, shift how you feel in your daily life, and be in the driver's seat of your thoughts and emotions, she will absolutely help you achieve that.

- Stacy S.

“...move towards my goals with peace and balance…”

Working with Danielle has helped me move forward towards my goals with peace and balance. Danielle has really helped me see how my thoughts can lead me astray and sideline me. Since working with Danielle, I've gained confidence and know that I am going in the right direction.

- Claudine S.

“...truly, this is the definition of peace…”

I had to write because I have just been having such continued and overflowing gratitude for the coaching we've done and for how much my mind has been transformed.  Life is BUSY right now!  And pre-coaching Jessica would definitely be down on herself for not being 100% on top of all the things all the time.  But now?  I just see all the ways I'm kicking butt every single day.  And I know with such deep confidence that anything in my life right now that seems chaotic or unfinished or swept off to the side is completely within my control.  As soon as I decide to turn attention to these things, they will fall into place.  And until then?  It's just not a problem.  Truly, this is the definition of peace for me right now, and I'm forever grateful for you!

- Jessica F.

“...given me satisfaction with my life instead of feeling stuck…”

Working with Danielle in Busy to Balanced has helped me be a better wife, mom, and entrepreneur. Prior to coaching, I would feel stuck, dreaming and wishing that my life would be more fulfilling. Working with her in the group made me banish procrastination and indecision and take action. Her methods have changed my thinking and I now know that I can accomplish whatever I want in life. It's hard to put into words, but working with Danielle has given me satisfaction with my life, instead of feeling stuck and wanting more. 

- Megan M.

“ dreams are no longer on hold…”

Reaching out to Danielle changed the trajectory of my future. Before working with her, I felt stuck in a rut and like I could never actually pursue the deepest desires of my heart. Since working with her, my marriage is stronger, my approach to motherhood is more peaceful, and my dreams are no longer being placed on hold. I am full of confidence, gratitude, and a heart that is finally trusting bigger in God's plan for my life. I am forever grateful for Danielle and the work she is doing to help women become fully alive.

- Maggie E.

“...I have the confidence to make and follow through with goals…”

Danielle is a remarkable life-coach. She has been extremely professional as she helped us seek for balance and taught us the necessary tools to call upon. One special concept that is helping me is to give up thoughts that are not serving me. Another concept that has been an incredible game changer for me is realizing that I do not have to rely upon the opinions, comments, or compliments of others to judge my effectiveness of how I am doing. I can acknowledge for myself my own good qualities and accomplishments and appreciate them. I will go forward knowing that I have the confidence to make and follow through with goals that I have set for myself that will bring me joy and satisfaction. 

- Carol N.

“...literally every aspect of my day is impacted positively…”

Before I started coaching I felt stuck, like I was underperforming and falling short in so many aspects of my life.  I didn’t believe there was any way I could balance it all. I was afraid to try one more thing and fail, but I knew I wanted to see change in my life. I initially wanted help figuring out how to lose weight and how to clear the clutter and keep a cleaner home.  I didn’t expect to feel such a comprehensive, all-encompassing sense of change in my life, but literally every aspect of my day is impacted positively by the work we’ve done. Coaching with Danielle has truly taken me from surviving to thriving.

- Jessica

“...circumstances are the same but life is simpler and lighter…”

Before I joined coaching, I was feeling very overwhelmed and stuck in my life. I felt like I wasn't doing enough for myself, my kids, my husband, or my faith. During coaching, I learned that all of these feelings were because of my thoughts, and I learned tools to be able to manage these thoughts. Now, circumstances are the same, but I feel much more peaceful about life. Life is so much simpler and lighter. I don't have to be and do everything all the time. I also learned how to focus on my goals and achieve them. Danielle is awesome at what she does, and her passion for helping moms and her care for her clients shines through. 

- Lorie B.

Here’s How You’ll Bring Calm, Inner Peace, Clarity, and Control Back Into Your Life

Stage 1: Understanding the Cyclone Swirl

The first critical part of the Cyclone Mom Method is to examine our circumstances and come to terms with one important fact: Life will always be swirling around us

Whether your situation is positive or negative… welcomed or challenging… peaceful or overwhelming… you can remain strong and calm. 

You’ll take a personal inventory of the state of your heart, mind, and circumstances, and you’ll begin to visualize the way you want your life to feel. We’ll also explore the fascinating ways God programmed our brains to be able to make these changes. 

My goal for you is to not only accept this reality, but embrace the fact that our feelings don’t have to be ruled by our circumstances

Stage 2: Learning the Cyclone Mom Method

In the central portion of the book, I’ll go into detail about every aspect of my Cyclone Mom Method.

There are five pillars that you’ll learn to help you achieve the balance and peace that you want in this life of yours, whatever stage of motherhood you find yourself in.

You’ll gain awareness and acceptance of your own thinking patterns, take responsibility for the thoughts you choose, and learn the skills to adjust your thinking patterns.  

These are the daily practices and habits that will strengthen your mind, build your inner resolve, and live into that beautiful grace that God gives us to become the best wives and mothers we can be.

Stage 3: Applying the Tools to Reach the Calm in the Center

Once you understand the steps of the Cyclone Mom Method, I’ll give you new tools to practice using the method in your everyday life. 

These are all tools I use every day in my coaching practice to help other moms change their brains and, as a result, the way their entire lives feel.

Ultimately what these tools will do is coach your brain into redirecting your habitual reactions from avoidance, resistance, or reactivity into openness, curiosity, and ease. 

This is where peace comes in.

I know you’re ready for this transformation from chaos to peace, and that’s why I’m so excited to share with you my latest book!

Discover the Path to Peace in the Chaos of Mom Life with

The Cyclone Mom Method:

How to Call Upon Your God-Given Power to Remain Calm, In Control, and Confident as a Busy Mom

Get your copy of The Cyclone Mom Method TODAY for just $4.99 and Discover a Faith-Based Framework for Creating the Mom-Life You’ve Always Wanted

This book is soo Incredibly Good and speaks directly to mamas of this time! Danielle shares sprinkles of Coaching action steps that we can start taking immediately to help us get ourselves centered back on the right path and/or a path and not feel alone doing so! Most importantly, the Holy Spirit is present in her writings/coaching and is contagious to help one lean in and apply this same approach in our own lives. What a gift! Thank you Danielle for being an inspiration!

- Candice

As a mom trying to juggle three teen's schedules, our household, and work, The Cyclone Mom Method has helped me see how I can rethink my schedule and life and handle it all beautifully. Thank you Danielle!

- Carrie M.

Every mom needs to know this secret- a calm mind is your superpower! Danielle teaches how to use the God-given gift of your brain to remain in control amidst any storm. Putting her method to work in my own chaotic mom life has been a game changer.

- Becky L.

Using the approach Danielle shares in this book has helped me to let go of limiting beliefs that have held me back for years. I have gained the tools and confidence to make decisions based on what I truly value. This method is helping me become the wife and mother I want to be! I would definitely recommend the book to any woman who wants practical tools for experiencing more peace and joy in everyday life.

- Eryn G.

Inside my newest book, you’ll get access to the wisdom and tools to finally find fulfillment as a Catholic mom: 

5-Step Framework for Calming the Chaos

The path to fulfillment in your calling as a mother begins with you. This framework will show you the steps to change your life, from the inside out. 

Guidelines to Identify and Overcome Common Obstacles

Every family is different, but every Catholic mama faces a lot of the same pressures and challenges. I’ll show you how to avoid the common traps we all face.

Transformative Self-Coaching Tools 

This is where the real transformation begins to take place! 

Guided Assessments

My custom assessments will help you understand where you are and where you hope to grow as a wife and mom. 

Exercises for Daily (or daily-ish) Practice

These exercises will help you put everything you’re learning into practice, as often as you need. 

Scriptural Support for Every Element

My faith is the most important thing in the world to me, and it drives everything I do. This book is no exception! 


Here’s a look at what you’ll discover in Part 1, The Cyclone Swirl: 

  • What we can learn from nature’s chaotic and powerful cyclones to bring calm to our own lives (p. 1)

  • The real cause for our frustration, disappointment, and despair – and it has nothing to do with our circumstances (p. 7)

  • How to identify the right actions to take, no matter what you’re facing (p. 10)

  • The #1 trap so many moms fall into, without even realizing it (p. 19)

  • The single most important thing you can do to move your life forward, right now (p. 22)

  • Why “avoiding bad feelings” is never the goal (p. 23)

  • What to do if you are missing the “successful mom” gene (p. 26)

  • How to catch the most destructive thought we can think as moms… and reverse it (p. 30)

  • My secret “trick” for taking back control of your days (p. 33)

  • Why you will never know the RIGHT decisions at any given moment… and what to do about it (p. 35)

  • The ONE MAJOR LIGHTBULB moment that will unclog a lifetime of frustration… and usher in incredible changes immediately (p. 40)

  • Why the actions you think you should take will actually get you further from your goal (p. 42)

  • All about the “sneakiest” part of the brain… and how to keep it from derailing your progress (p. 47)

  • The most powerful, but most difficult to operate, tool in your toolbox (p. 51)

  • The fastest, easiest, clearest way to get the results you want (p. 53)

Here’s a look at what you’ll discover in Part 2, The Cyclone Mom Method: 

  • The first step toward finding more balance and peace in your life – and you can begin it immediately! (p. 61)

  • Why courage is the primary feeling we need as moms… and how to generate it on demand (p. 63)

  • What GPS navigation systems teach us about being fulfilled, productive moms (p. 69)

  • One simple statement that takes you from mental chaos to laser-sharp focus (p. 70)

  • How to kick-start a positive cycle of momentum and growth in motherhood… by focusing on something that has nothing to do with parenting (p. 72)

  • The most important relationship you have as a mom, after God (HINT: it’s not with your spouse OR any of your children) (p. 75)

  • The first thing that keeps most of us stuck… and how to move past it (p. 76)

  • Two HUGE mistakes we typically make that ultimately cause a world of trouble, and how to stop (p. 78)

  • How to show up as a mom up to 10 times more effectively (p. 83)

  • One thing every mom heart needs to hear, but never does… and how to speak it to yourself for life-changing transformation (p. 84)

  • The single biggest misunderstanding about self care that we hear over and over and over (p. 85)

  • The “golden key” that unlocks the emotional healing you so desperately need (p. 87)

  • Where and how to find joy in every stage of motherhood, no matter how old your kids are (p. 89)

  • How to create more time in your life, instantly (p. 92)

  • Why going slow will help you make faster progress (p. 94)

Here’s a look at what you’ll discover in Part 3, Calm in the Center of the Cyclone: 

  • Why motherhood so often meets the definition of insanity (and how to opt out) (p. 98)

  • How to find true joy and satisfaction by doing way less than your absolute best (p. 99)

  • The mysterious but powerful connection between our circumstances and our actions… and how to use this to our advantage (p. 101)

  • Why striving to be happy 100% of the time is the absolute wrong thing to do (p. 103)

  • The surprising benefits of negative feelings, and their hidden connection to positive outcomes (p. 104)

  • How something called the Motivational Triad affects our actions… sometimes with disastrous consequences (p. 107)

  • Five simple and totally doable steps to take when you’re feeling overwhelmed, so you can get back on track quickly (p. 107)

  • Ways to use the simple act of breathing to help you get back on track (p. 108)

  • The #1 lesson to learn for living a life of greatness (p. 111)

  • A surprising truth about discomfort and the role it plays in fulfillment (p. 112)

Get Your Copy of The Cyclone Mom Method Today for Just $4.99 and You’ll Also Get These FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1:

Regain Control With Your Goal Clarity Workbook

A practical, easy-to-use workbook for setting clear, achievable goals across all areas of life.

When you work toward goals that are aligned with your values and purpose, you’re better able to fulfill your God-given calling and make a positive impact on your family and community. This printable workbook can be used again and again as your family grows and your peace truly takes hold in your heart and your life.

Bonus #2:

The Cyclone Mom Method Audiobook

Learn on the go, wherever you go!

The audiobook version of The Cyclone Mom Method is included with your order at no additional cost! Listen while you’re in the car, making dinner, at the park… or anywhere else your life takes you.

When you order The Cyclone Mom Method for a one-time payment of $4.99, you’ll get an immediate digital download plus both of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy today and get the exact methods my coaching clients have used to calm the chaos in their lives and step into fulfillment and joy as moms.

Enjoy the Book RISK FREE with my No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s a simple promise, from me to you: 

The Cyclone Mom Method will show you how to find peace and fulfillment in your role as mom. 

I truly hope this book blesses you.

But if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason (or no reason at all)…

...just let me know with a quick email to and we’ll send you a full refund for your book purchase ASAP.

See What Other Moms Are Saying About The Cyclone Mom Method & Working With Danielle Thienel

Annie Targos

Prior to coaching with Danielle, I had been feeling stuck, and I was unsure how to unstuck myself. I’m now more aware of what I want specifically, instead of having a vague idea and getting nowhere. And I love that she’s a Catholic mom too! That is initially what drew me to working with her.

Claudia Montijo

I feel so blessed to have found Danielle! I found her through social media and after our very first time meeting I knew right away she was the answer to my prayers. She provided me with tools and resources to help me grow and put all my issues and challenges into perspective. She is genuinely kind and is exceptional at what she does! 

Diane Belz

Danielle’s coaching style is warm and welcoming, filled with compassion for your challenges. If you want to live a peaceful, joyful life, Danielle is the coach for you. Thank you, Danielle!

Julie Stone

Before I started coaching with Danielle, I felt trapped ; almost as if everything outside of me was controlling my life. Danielle helped me realize that I have the power within me to create the life I want and deserve. I use the tools Danielle taught me everyday. I now believe that I’ve got this and God has my back!

Are you ready to step into the calm confidence of peaceful motherhood, despite the tornados of life?

Here’s what you’ll receive with your purchase of this digital book:

  • 5-Step Framework for Calming the Chaos (to change your life from the inside out)

  • Guidelines to Identify and Overcome Common Obstacles

  • Transformative Self-Coaching Tools

  • Guided Assessments (you can use again and again as you grow and change)

  • Exercises for Daily Practice

  • Scriptural Wisdom to Support Your Journey

  • BONUS #1: Regain Control With Your Goal Clarity Workbook

  • BONUS #2: The Cyclone Mom Method Audiobook

When you order The Cyclone Mom Method for a one-time payment of $4.99, you’ll get an immediate digital download plus both of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy today and get the exact methods my coaching clients have used to calm the chaos in their lives and step into fulfillment and joy as moms.

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